Louis Henry

April 17, 1993 - June 8, 2005

I have laid my friend to rest. After many years at my side I had to say goodbye to my companion, my friend, my son, my co-pilot on this journey we call life. I will be lost without him. He was a magificent dog. He has taught me more than I could have ever taught him. We have been through great times and hard times, lived in many new places and made many new friends.



Last week Louis, my other two dogs and I made a road trip to Maryland to visit friends. While there Louis' health was failing fast and on June 8, 2005 I had to make the hardest decision of my life, to end his pain.


Louis was a family pet, a registered Therapy Dog, earned his Canine Good Citizen award and was the ambassador for my business that will always honor him: Tenille and Louis' Canine Concepts (TLCC). He has traveled many places, including Florida, camping in West Virginia and Northern Michigan. He has attended birthday parties (including, thanks to my family, his own 12th birthday party), graduations, holiday celebrations and even a wedding reception. A dog of many talents some may say. He had a laundry list of tricks and loved to show them off. I need to give special thanks to Lea for tolerating him in her home while he was ill, Dr. Mary Rawlings for her compassion and help with his aftercare. Barbie Marzoratti for returning very comforting words, Rachel Hubbard and Mike Smith for having us as guests in their home and treating Louis like one of their own. I will never forget the support and care you gave us during this emotional roller coaster. Renée and Steve LaFave for allowing Louis to have one last swim. And to our new friends at AEH for their kindness when I returned back to work without Louis.


He has touched everybody he met. Everyone deserves to have a friend like him once in their life. He meant the world to me and will be missed greatly. He has forever left paw prints on my heart ...