For monetary donations, you can easily donate with PayPal to 

If want to donate but don’t know exactly what to get or don’t have a lot time, we have an Amazon Wish List. Anything purchased off our wish list will be sent directly to our shelter. Amazon Wish List

If you are local and would like to donate items used or new, we have listed below a few supplies that are always in demand. Please contact us by phone or email and will be able to schedule a pick or drop location for the items.

Needed items:

-          Returnable Bottles

-          Blankets

-          Towels

-          Cleaning supplies

-          Pine Bedding

-          Rabbit food

-          Dog Food

-          Cat Food

-          Cat Litter

-          Cat toys

-          Dog Toys

-          Crates

-          Other various pet items

Monetary Donations

Sponsor a Boarding Dog 1 month

Thank You to our supporters!

Thank you for the generous donations!

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