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Louis' Legacy - Online Auction 

Louis' Legacy Fans & Supporters - We are planning an online auction for March 2015 and are in need of donations!

Each donation will be posted here on Facebook, with information regarding the item (starting bid, photo, shipping cost, donor, etc) and people will comment on the photos to place their bid during the auction.

If you or anyone you know has anything they'd like to donate, please let us know! It does not have to be pet-related, but should be new and in good condition. Handmade and custom items are…Read more

Rescue "Christmas Room" Fundraiser 

Have you been looking for a gift for that special someone and haven't found it yet? Look no further!

Please help us in decorating our Christmas tree - each donation ($5 and up) adds a decoration to our room. You can even add a photo and dedicate it to someone if you'd like!

All donations go straight to our rescue to help our pets in need!